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A Brief Introduction to Vacuum Cleaner Motor

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The vacuum cleaner motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner. The main types of vacuum cleaner motors are: dry vacuum cleaner motor (THRU-FLOW), and wet and dry vacuum cleaner motor (BY-PASS). The vacuum cleaner motor is composed of two parts: the motor and the fan. Vacuum cleaner motor has a high requirement on the rotating speed, generally 20000-30000 revolve per minute. The motor mainly uses a series motor.




There are copper wire motors and aluminum wire motors.

Copper wire motor has the advantages of high temperature resistance, long life, long single operation time, etc., but it is more expensive than aluminum wire motors; Aluminum wire motor is cheap, but it has poor temperature resistance, low melting point, and short service life.




Avoid dust from getting into the motor. If dust accumulates on the filter bag after a long time use, and the suction power decreases, you can shake the vacuum clener bucket at this time, and the dust will fall to the bottom of the bucket, and the suction will recover. If there is too much dust in the dust bag and bucket of the vacuum cleaner, remove the dust as soon as possible. Keep the dust bucket clean can prevent the dust collection effect and the heat dissipation of the motor being affected. When there is abnormal noise when vacuuming, or when the vacuum cleaner stops vacuuming, check it in time. Do not wipe the switch with a damp cloth when cleaning, otherwise it may cause leakage or short circuit.


While running motor generates heat, it drives the front impeller to rotate, which generates a large amount of air from the air inlet duct. The air flows through the motor and is discharged from the rear exhaust to take away the heat. Simply put, the motor is cooled by the intake air. When your motor is overheated, please check all the air inlet pipes, including brush heads, steel pipes, hoses, dust buckets (dust bags), and filter elements. After the cleaning is completed, the machine can be used normally again in about a minute or so. The vacuum cleaner should be handled gently to avoid crash.

intelligent vacuum cleaner

After use, you should clean up the debris in the barrel, all vacuum accessories, and dust bags in time. And check for perforations or air leaks before use, and thoroughly clean the dust grid and dust bag with detergent and warm water, and let them air dry. Be careful not to fold, over-stretch or bend the vacuum cleaner hose, and store the vacuum cleaner in a ventilated and dry place.


Do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck gasoline, banana water, cigarette butts with fire, broken glass, needles, nails, etc. to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner and accidents. In the course of use, if an object is found to block the hose, you should shut down the machine and check it immediately. Do not turn on the machine before the object is removed. 




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