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A Brief Introduction to the Working Principle of Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Types of Vacuum Cleaner

We know that vacuum cleaners fall into different categories including horizontal vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, hand-held vacuum cleaners, bucket vacuum cleaners, rod vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners according to their shapes. According to the filtering method, vacuum cleaners can be divided into dust bag type, dust cup type, HEPA filtration and water filtration type, in which the dust cup type and the water filtration type fall into two categories: dry vacuum cleaner and wet and dry vacuum cleaner. But what is dual-use vacuum cleaner? Is it good to use wet and dry vacuum cleaner?


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The wet and dry vacuum cleaner, as its name implies, is a vacuum cleaner that can be used both dry and wet. Generally, dry vacuum cleaners should avoid contact with water, because the filter and dust bag of this type of vacuum cleaner cannot be wetted. Yet dry and wet vacuum cleaner, namely, the dual-purpose vacuum cleaner can not only vacuum dust but also water, so some people call it vacuum and water cleaner.



The Working Principle of the Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner can suck a certain amount of water and can be used in a very humid environment. Generally, the horizontal vacuum cleaner can suck about 200ml water and large industrial vacuum cleaner can suck up the dust and water on the premise that the ground is wetted first.


The wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a centrifugal chamber that ordinary dry vacuum cleaner lacks. When dust, air and water are sucked into the centrifugal chamber, water, which is heavier, is rotated at high speed, thrown toward the inner wall of the centrifugal chamber and flows into the collection bucket below, while the dust and air, which are light, pass through the centrifugal chamber and enter the filter bag.


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1. Clean up the accumulated dust in the dust bag or dust box in time. Check for perforations or air leaks before use and thoroughly clean the dust box and the dust bag with warm water and detergent after use. It should be kept in mind that dust box and dust bag must be dried before being put in the vacuum cleaner again.


2. If the motor is hot, emits a burning smell, or has abnormal vibration and noise, it should be repaired in time.


3. The machine needs to be handled lightly.


4. Do not stretch or bend the vacuum cleaner hose excessively.


5. When the vacuum machine is used for a long time, the suction force will be reduced due to the clogging of the filter mesh. In order to prevent the suction from decreasing, the filter and cloth bags or dust bag should be washed regularly with water. After washing, they should be dried in a cool place before being re-installed into the vacuum cleaner.


6. Do not leave the machine in continuous working state. Please keep its continuous working time within 2 hours, otherwise the service life of the machine might be affected.


7. When cleaning the machine, please wipe it with a damp cloth soaked with water or neutral detergent. The motor is strictly forbidden to be immersed in water for cleaning. Do not use corrosive cleaners such as gasoline and banana water, otherwise the shell of the vacuum cleaner will crack.




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