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An Introduction of the filtration Method of Vacuum Cleaner

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With the improvement of people's living standards, vacuum cleaner are becoming more and more popular thanks to its cost-effectiveness and convenience. Hiring babysitters or hourly workers is more expensive than buying vacuum cleaners. But with various brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, people may not know how to choose the right vacuum cleaner. In this article, I will introduce the filter method of the vacuum cleaner, which should also be considered in the purchase of the machine.



Filtering Methods

At present, the vacuum cleaner mainly has three filtering methods, namely, dust bag filtering, dust cup filtering and water filtering.


The dust bag filtration type vacuum cleaner filters out 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, and is convenient to clean as a whole, but the vacuum force of the vacuum cleaner with dust bag will decrease with the use of time, resulting in a smaller suction force. Becides, when emptying the dust bag, hidden mites may escape and cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.


The dust cup filtration type vacuum cleaner separates garbage and gas through the vacuum air flow produced by the high-speed rotation of the motor, and then purifies the air through HEPA filter to avoid secondary pollution. You don’t have to change the dust cup regularly, but you do have to clean it at a regular time.


The water filtration type vacuum cleaner uses water as a filter, so that when passing through the machine, most of the dust and microorganisms will be dissolved and confined in the water, and the rest will be further filtered by the equipped filter, so that the air purified by the vacuum cleaner may be cleaner than the air that we inhaled. This type of vacuum cleaner has strong suction, but is relatively expensive and it must be cleaned after use, otherwise it will easily become moldy and smelly.


intelligent vacuum cleaner


The key to choose household vacuum cleaners is to look at the filter system. Generally, the higher the density of the filter, the better the filtering effect.The efficient vacuum cleaner filter can retain fine dust and prevent secondary pollution. At the same time, you need to check the noise, vibration of the machine and whether the vacuum cleaner motor is operating smoothly. Of course, extra functions is a bonus. For example, it will be better if it is equipped with functions such as adjustable telescopic extension tube and dust full indicator and automatic take-up, which can save labor.


The traditional filter materials of the vacuum cleaner are sponge, activated carbon, and scouring cloth. But it is not recommended to purchase these filter materials becasue their filtering effect is not very good. It is recommended to choose the multi-filter.

vacuuming floor with vacuum cleaner


After reading the article above, I believe that you all have a general understanding of the vacuum cleaner's filtering method. I hope that everyone can take the vacuum cleaner's filtering method into consideration when purchasing the vacuum cleaner.




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