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An Introduction to Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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With so many commerical vacuum cleaners on the market, many people are confused about choosing one. This article will introduce different types of commerical vacuum cleaners and their respective characteristics.


Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuums have been on the market for a long time and remains one of the most popular vacuum cleaner style. Commercial upright vacuum cleaners is different from the regular upright vacuum cleaner in terms of number of motors and the power rate.


Regular upright vacuum cleaner only has one motor and is suitable for small places such as apartment, classroom and office and is relatively light.


Commercial upright vacuum cleaner has two motors and is suitable for large places such as lobbies and schools and is relatively heavy. The two motors ensures large power rate, meaning it has large suction power than regular vacuum cleaner.

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Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner can suck a certain amount of water and can be used in a very humid environment. Generally, the horizontal vacuum cleaner can suck about 200ml water and large industrial vacuum cleaner can suck up the dust and water on the premise that the ground is wetted first.


The wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a centrifugal chamber that ordinary dry vacuum cleaner lacks. When dust, air and water are sucked into the centrifugal chamber, water, which is heavier, is rotated at high speed, thrown toward the inner wall of the centrifugal chamber and flows into the collection bucket below, while the dust and air, which are light, pass through the centrifugal chamber and enter the filter bag.


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Backpack-type Vacuum Cleaner

A backpack-type vacuum cleaner includes a vacuum cleaner body, in which there is a rechargeable power supply. A removable straw is provided at the top of the vacuum cleaner and a straw holder is provided at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. The top of the suction pipe is fitted with the straw holder. The vacuum cleaner is provided with a strap, which includes an annular upper fixing belt and a lower fixing belt. The upper fixing belt and the lower fixing belt are fixedly connected with the vacuum cleaner, and two shoulder straps are connected between the upper fixing belt and the lower fixing belt. The lower fixing belt is equipped with a buckle at the middle end of the shoulder strap connection. The backpack-type vacuum cleaner has a simple structure, and the design of the strap is simple and reasonable. The vacuum cleaner comes with a rechargeable power source.


After reading the article above, I believe that you all have a general understanding of the types of commercial vacuum cleaner.  




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