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Classification and Selection of Household Vacuum Cleaners

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When the motor of the vacuum cleaner works at a high speed, the blade of the fan impeller driven by the motor will exert force on the air, so as to discharge the air from the vacuum cleaner.



Classification of Household Vacuum Cleaner

Classification by Shape

According to shape, household vacuum cleaner can be divided into horizontal vacuum cleanervertical vacuum cleanerportable vacuum cleaner, and intelligent vacuum cleaner.


Horizontal vacuum cleaner are more common in the Asia-Europe market and accounts for more than EIGHTY PERCENT of the overall market. They are characterized by their compact size and easy storage.


Vertical vacuum cleaner is more common in American and is suitable for cleaning carpets covering large areas.


Handheld vacuum cleaner is small in size and easy to carry and use. It is mainly used for cleaning the car, keyboards and electrical appliances but it has relatively small power and suction.


Intelligent vacuum cleaner can automatically clean the dust, hair and debris on the floor. The high-end vacuum cleaner is small in size and produces little noise. It can easily enter places that traditional vacuum cleaners cannot reach.



Classification by Function

According to function, household vacuum cleaners fall into two categories: dry vacuum cleaner and wet and dry vacuum cleaner.


Compared with the vacuum cleaner that uses water as a medium, the dust bag type and the dust cup type belong to dry vacuum cleaners.


The wet and dry vacuum cleaner uses water as a medium to deposit dust, fine garbage, etc. in the dust cup; when it is not filled with water, it can be used as a dry vacuum cleaner.


Classification by Filtering Method

According to filtering method, household vacuum cleaners can be divided into dust bag type, dust cup type, and water filter type.


Dust garbage is filtered through the dust bag in the dust bag type vacuum cleaner. Overall, the advantage of using a dust bag as a filter is that it is easy to clean and does not require daily cleaning. The disadvantage is that the dust bag needs to be replaced.


Dust cup filtration is to separate garbage and gas by the vacuum air flow produced by the high-speed rotation of the motor, and then filter the dust through HEPA filter to purify the air to avoid secondary pollution. The advantage is that the dust bag does not need to be changed frequently; the disadvantage is that it must be cleaned after vacuuming. Dust cup filtration is the main filtration method of vacuum cleaners. Most vacuum cleaners are dust cup filtration.


Using water as a filtering medium to keep dust and microorganisms in the water, and purifies the air using three layers of filtration. It can vacuum broken glass, nail, sauces, beverage, tea leaves, which is general vacuum cleaners is not capable of. The only drawback is that you need to put water in it before use and clean it after use.



Selection Tips

Consider the power of the vacuum cleaner. Whether it is a daily cleaning or a weekly thorough cleaning, it is always useful to choose a relatively high power vacuum cleaner. Under normal circumstances, the suction power of a vacuum cleaner around 2000w is enough to cope with daily household cleaning.


The type of dust collection is directly related to the price of the vacuum cleaner and the cost of later use. The vacuum cleaners on the market are mainly divided into dust bag vacuum cleaner and bagless vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to buy the latter.


The filter system of the vacuum cleaner is also the key to the selection. The filter materials of the traditional vacuum cleaner are sponge, activated carbon, scouring cloth which all have poor filtering effect. It is recommended to choose the multi-filter type




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