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General Knowledge About Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners are now deemed as necessity in every home because we need them to keep our house clean! I used to think that vacuum cleaners were just, well, vacuum cleaners, but now, my view about vacuum cleaner has totally changed. We do need to know some general knowlede about vacuum cleaners before rushing to the store and bringing home an expensive but unsuitable vacuum cleaner. I hope you will learned to choose the best vacuum cleaner after reading this article.



Types of Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Small in size, handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to carry and use. It stands between household vacuum cleaner and portable vacuum cleaner and is suitable for cleaning smaller space such as cars, keyboards and electrical appliances, etc. But it has relatively low power and suction.


handheld vacuum cleaner

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

The vertical vacuum cleaner is mainly composed of three parts: dust lifting, dust suction and dust filtering. With different brush head, vertical vacuum cleaner can complete different cleaning tasks. With floor brush , it can clean the floor; with a flat brush, it can clean the surface of sofa, bed sheets and curtains; with small suction nozzle, it can remove dust and clean small corners.


Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The wireless vacuum cleaner is a new type of vacuum cleaner, which can complete the vacuuming work without a power cord. Like the mobile phone, the machine runns through the charger. It usually takes 4-10 hours to complete the charging and can work continuously for 20-30 minutes. There is a built-in drive motor in the wireless vacuum cleaner, so all you need is to press the button. It is very convenient to clean the ground, cars, and the gap between the doors and windows.


Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

The intelligent vacuum cleaner has an intelligent computer system, an automatic spiral navigation system and 21 sensor heads. It can make measurements on the room, automatically clean every corner of the room, record your ideal settings, and avoid walls, stairs. Even if you put it on the table it will not fall. Scope of application: family, office, computer room. It can effectively clean different types of floors such as wooden floors, concrete floors, and tile floors.


intelligent vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Purchase Tips

Measure suction first. After turning on the machine, you can put your palm on the front section to feel the strength of suction. If you want to use the machine for housework, a vacuum cleaner with 400-600 W power if sufficient to remove dust from home carpets and other places.

2. Listen to the sound. After the vacuum cleaner is powered on, there should be only the sound of wind. The smaller the sound of the whole machine, the better. There should not be other mixed noises.

3. Decide your budget. You can decide to buy imported or domestically produced vacuum cleaner according to your own budget.

4. Try weight. If you are going to buy a portable vacuum cleaners, you must try the weight by hand to see whether it is suitable for you. 




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