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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Assembly Method

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Household vacuum cleaners have begun to slowly enter our lives, and have been constantly updated. The handheld vacuum cleaner is always a classic, which can bring us great convenience. With it, we will never need to stoop down and pick up hairs on weekend morning ever again. I will introduce to you today the accessories of the handheld vacuum cleaner and how to assmble them.



Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Extension Tube

The vacuum cleaner extension tube is a hard tube connected to the suction nozzle, most of which can be adjusted in length.



Most of the vacuum cleaner hoses are tubes connecting the extension tube and the main engine, and have a certain degree of flexibility.


Ground Nozzle

Floor nozzles mainly include nozzles suitable for various conditions (ground, carpet, corner, etc.).


Dust Bag

Vacuum cleaner dust bag is a place to store inhaled dust and garbage, mostly located inside the main engine.


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How to Assemble Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

1. Read the product instruction manual carefully.


2. Connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the hose connector on the top of the main engine, and make sure it is firm.


3. Connect the other end of the hose to the vacuum cleaner extension tube properly.


4. Adjust the length of the extension tube according to your needs.


5. Connect the other end of the extension tube to the ground nozzle.


6. The method of connecting most pipelines is to make the plug-in connection first, and then screw them until they are tight.


7. After the connection is completed, be careful not to stretch, bend, or step on the hose part when using it.



Precautions of Using Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaner is the most common type of household vacuum cleaner. It has won many people’s favor due to its easy operation and great suction power. The use method of handheld vacuum cleaner is easy, but there are some precautions that we must pay attention to.


When using a hand-held vacuum cleaner, make sure that it is plugged in and the continuous use time should not exceed one hour, otherwise, the vacuum cleaner motor may be burned.


When we use a hand-held vacuum cleaner, we mustn’t use it wet-handed. If the hands are wet, you should wipe your hands dry before  operating the machine for sake of your own safety. Besides, if your vacuum cleaner is not a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, please do not use it to suck liquid, or the body of the machine might be damaged.


The handheld vacuum cleaners can not be used in circumstances where the altitude exceed one thousand kilometers, where the temperature exceed 40 degrees Celcius and where there are flammable and explosive, which also means that it can not be used at high altitude or in very hot weather.


Generally, handheld vacuum cleaner has two switches, one is on the vacuum cleaner body, and the other is on the vacuum cleaner handle. The correct order of using the vacuum cleaner is to turn on the switch on the vacuum cleaner body first before turning on the switch on the vacuum cleaner handle.





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