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How to Change Vacuum Cleaner Bags?

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Vacuum cleaner dust bags fall into two categories: paper bag and cloth bag. Paper bags are to be changed and thrown away while cloth bags are to be cleaned or washed. So when you decide to clean dust bag, check whether yours is a paper one. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick things up as effectively as it used to, you may need to change your vacuum cleaner bag. Since vacuum cleaner paper bags should be replaced regularly, it is imperial to know how to change bags to maintain the normal operation of the machine.


How to Clean A Disposable Bag

Set out A Sheet or Newspaper

When you are removing the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner, you can lay out a sheet or newspaper on the ground, which can help trap any dirt that might get out during the removal process. Besides, you should also keep your trash can as close as possible to the machine so that you won’t go all the way to the other room and throw the bag away and spill the dust all over the room.


Open the Vacuum Chamber

Most upright vacuum cleaners have a zip closure while most wired vacuum cleaner have a plastic case to house the vacuum cleaner bag. So you can either zip the vacuum’s bag chamber open or remove the plastic cover to get the bag.


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Check Whether the Bag Is Full

After you open the vacuum chamber, you should check the dust bag for bulging. If there is no bulge at all, you can skip cleaning this time. However, if you see a obvious bulge at the bottom of the bag, you probably need to change the bag.


Remove and Dump the Bag

Remove the bulging bag carefully, and throw it into the trash can. Although it is very tempting to reuse the bag, it is not advised to do so because disaposable bags are designed for single use. Reuse disposable bags may impair the performance of the machine.


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How to Clean A Cloth Bag?

The prosedures of cleaning vacuum cleaner cloth bag is the same as the that of cleaning a paper one, except for the last step. The paper bags are to be changed and thrown away while the cloth ones are to be emptied and cleaned.


Empty the Bag

Dump the trash into the trash can. Be careful not to drop the dirt out or you will have to do a second cleaning.


Wash the Dust Bag

Some dust bags are washable, but before you wash the dust bag, refer to the specification. If it says the dust bag is washable, you can run the bag under water tap to remove the remaining dirst and debris. You can also use a brush and gently brush the surface of the dust bag. Make sure you don’t damage the fiber of the vacuum cleaner dust bag.


Dry the Dust Bag

After you clean the dust bag, leave it air dry for at least 24 hours. Never reinstall a damp bag back. A damp bag can easily generate germs and  bacteria. 




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