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How to Choose A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

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With the advance of science and technology, vacuum cleaner has become one of the most essential household appliances in our daily life. Many homemakers set their hearts on buying fashionable modern vacuum cleaners, but in the end disappointed by their lame choice. Therefore, when choosing vacuum cleaners, price and appearance should not be your first priority. Instead, you should focus on the technical features and capacity.



Vacuum Cleaner Power and Efficiency

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should first pay attention to its power and efficiency. The power supply is usually written on the body of the vacuum cleaner, well, for marketing purposes as people always trust solid numbers.


As a matter of fact, the vacuum cleaner of high power consumes a large amount of electricity. So if you really want to see the power rate of the vacuum cleaner, please refer to the attached instruction manual or the specification of the vacuum cleaner. For funter check-up, you can also visit the website of the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner, I am sure they’ve got loads of parameters for references.


For cleaning a small apartment, a vacuum cleaner with a power of 250-300 watts is uaually enough. However, for people who are allergic to dust and hairs and patients with bronchitis, it is recommend to buy a vacuum cleaner of extremely high power. In that case, it is advised not to use carpet as it will wear out, I mean, really quickly, trust me.


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Two Concepts about Capacity

Maximum net power refers to the power rate that is reached when the vacuum cleaner with an empty dust bag is turned on.


Average effective power refers to the power that vacuum cleaner is in when it is working. Usually the effective power decreases with the accumulation of the dust in the dust collector. So usually the average effective power is 30% lower than the maximum net power.



What Affects the Power of the Vacuum Cleaner?


A vacuum cleaner engine of high quality is very important. Usually the efficiency of the engine is 25-35% and is enough for any cleaning in theory, but do not forget to take in other factors that might reduce the efficiency into consideration.


Type of the Vacuum Cleaner

Different type of vacuum cleaner usually have different power rates.


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The Number of Filters

Normally, the more filters there is, the less suction power. A vacuum cleaner with a three-layer filter has smaller suction than one with two-layer filter.


The Quality of the Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

The higher quality the vacuum cleaner accessories has, the more likely that the suction power of the machine is higher.



How to Determind the Power You Need?

So now we have known the definition of the power of the vacuum cleaner and the factors that affect it. Let’s see how to determine the power you need.


350W---if the floor of your hosue is smooth and you don’t have a carpet at home, a vacuum cleaner with a power rate of 350 watts is enough for you.


400W---if you have a pet or carpet at home and there are always dust and pet hair on the floor and carpet, you need to at least buy a vacuum cleaner with a power rate of 400 watts.


450W---a vacuum cleaner with a power rate of 450 watts is usually enough for any carpet and floor cleaning. If you prefer your house to be super clean, then it is definitely the right choice for you. 




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