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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Car?

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Many car owners are very hesitant when they choose to buy a car vacuum cleaner. They do not know very well about how to choose its size, power, or line length, especially in terms of power. They are afraid that if the power is too low, the suction power will be too weak. If the power is too high, it might burn out the cigarette lighter. How to choose a vacuum cleaner suitable for your car?



Is Higher Power Better?

A vacuum cleaner with higher power does not mean it is better, since the suction power of the vacuum cleaner does not depend on the power of the motor, but on the air density of the dust collection bin. When the motor runs at a high speed, it creates a high-speed air flow, sucking in dust, paper scraps and other garbage. For a car vacuum cleaner, the motor is its heart, and the performance of motor directly determines the durability of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should choose one with a motor of good quality. If you don’t know which kind of motor is better, you can always choose ac universal motor for vacuum cleaner.


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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Cars


In terms of the power of the car vacuum cleaner, although the car vacuum cleaner with a power of 100~300 watts or above has strong suction power, it not only has high requirements on the inverter power supply, but also has a high price. There are many brands of car vacuum cleaners with a power of less than 100 watts, and they are cheap and affordable. Although the power is not very large, it is enough for most cars. And with a motor of low power, there is no need to worry about the cigarette lighter being burned out, since most of the cigarette lighter's maximum power is 120 watts. If the external equipment does not exceed this value, the car owner won’t have to worry about cigarette lighter being burnt out.



At present, many car vacuum cleaner available are in different sizes. For many small household vehicles, a portable vacuum cleaner or a mini vacuum cleaner for cars will be enough. For large SUVs, it is better to choose a larger car vacuum cleaner.


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Line Length

The standard line length of many car vacuum cleaners features 2 meters. Many car owners only pay attention to the appearance and the suction power when choosing a vacuum cleaner and ignore the line length. In the end, they found that the 2-meter line is not long enough. So it is recommended that car owners choose a 4.5-meter long vacuum cleaner.



The selection of vacuum cleaner accessories is also very important. Since there are many dead corners in the car, if the vacuum cleaner accessories are not complete, it will be difficult to remove the dust and impurities in these places. Therefore, it is recommended to ask store owner about whether the vacuum cleaner is equipped with accessories. If there is, ask him or her about how to use these accessories.



I hope these tips will be of use to you.




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