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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner?

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Whether you like it or not, the vacuum cleaner is here to stay. So instead of rejecting it, you might as well embrase it. After all, it is indeed a powerful cleaning tool. But you should be careful when choosing a vacuum cleaner, because if you are not careful, chances are that you might waste both your money and energy, well, and patience of course.



Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuums

Bagged vacuums cleaner has been popular for over 15 years, but with the advancement of technology, now the bagless vacuum cleaner has appeared, meaning you don’t have to change the dust bag inside the machine any more, all you need is to empty the dust box and rinse it occasionally. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.


With a bagged vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to wash the dust box, all you need is to change the full dust bag. However, when the dust bags come with the vacuum cleaner are used up, you will need to buy some more, well, naturally, with your own money.


But with a bagless vacuum cleaner, there is no need to buy new dust bags, emptying and washing the old one will do, yet some allergy sufferers often sneeze when emptying the dust box over a trash can. So judge by yourself which one is better.



Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll

Whether a vacuum cleaner has a brush roll determines what type of flooring it’s suited for.


According to experts, vacuum cleaner without a brush roll is perfect for hardwood floor or tile floor as the rigid fibers of brush roll may damage the finish on your flooring or distribute dust to all direction.


Experts also say that vacuum cleaner with a brush roll is best for families with soft carpets or rugs because the brush roll can lift the carpet or rug and reach their deeper side and make them fluff.


However, there are some new model vacuum cleaner with foldable brush roll. So when you are cleaning hardwood floor, you can fold the brush roll up to prevent it from scratching your precious floor.


So if you have multi-surface floor in your home, it is recommended to buy a vacuum cleaner with a foldable brush roll so you can quickly turn on and off is your ideal option. But if you really like your carpet and want to keep it clean and fluffy, you should probably buy one with a brush roll. If your have only tile flooring in your home, congratulations, you can skip the brush roll all together!




Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Warranties

Besides the above-mentioned aspects, you should probably pay extra attention to vacuum cleaner accessories and warranties because they are going to save you a bunch of money. Yes, you heard me, they can indeed help you save a great deal of money.


When purchasing your ideal household vacuum cleaners, make sure they are armed with the right accessories because if they are not, I am afraid you will have to buy them later. And the warranties. Usually vacuum cleaner manufacturer will provide 1-3 year warranities, so if your machine is broken within the warranty time, they will repair it for you, usually for free.



So I hope next time you go to the store and decide to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you can get one that is both cheap and effective with the help of these tips. 




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