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How to Clean Pet Brushes or Combs

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Grooming your pet is essential. It can not only culitivate or promote your relationship with your pet, but also gives you a chance to inspect your pet for any skin diseases or mats. Regular brushing can remove dead skins, mats and debris that gets trapped in the dog’s hair. So it is actually comfortable for your pet to be groomed, provided that you do it the right way, of course. However, in order not to distribute the debris or loose hair back to your dog, it is necessary to clean your brushes and combs regularly. Here are some tips on cleaning brushes and combs, hoping they will be of help.


Remove Visible Hair from the Brush or Comb

Before you start cleaning, pick up visible hair and debris from the rakes or bristle brushes. You can achieve this with your thumb and forefinger.

It is OK if you can’t remove all the dirt. The soak will do the most of the job. So don’t be hard on yourself, just try your best to remove the visible dander.



Prepare a Solution of Water and Vinegar or Shampoo

You can use water and vinegar or shampoo to make a solution. If you choose vinegar, pour water and vinegar into a jar, the ratio is 1:1. And if you choose pet champoo, add two or three generous squirts into a jar of water. Attention: do not use human shampoo to bathe your dog as the shampoo we use may have some harmful substances for dogs. You should also pay attention to this when choosing a pet champoo for your dog.


Dip the Brush Bristles and Comb Teeth into the Solution

Once you have removed visible hair and debris and made the solution, you can dip the brush bristles and comb teeth into the solution. Leave it there for 5 to 30 minutes.

dog with brush

Rinse with Tap Water

After soaking, most of the debris can be washed down by tap water. However, there will still have some residual dirt cling to the bristles or teeth, you can use an old teeth brush to brush it or shake the dirt off.

If you don’t want your sink to get dirty, you can also dip the brush in another bowl of clean water.


Leave the Brush or Comb Air Dry

Before you use the brush again, make sure it is completely dry. If you have spare towels at home, it is recommended that you place the brush or comb on the towel with bristles or teeth down, so that the remaining water will droop onto the towel instead of draining into the handle or brush head. You can also place it on the smooth surface, just make sure you leave it bristles or teeth down.



Since you brush your pet frequently and the brush gathers germs, dirt and hair every time you use it, you should wash your brush regularly. Some peope prefer to wash it after every use, while others like to do it weekly. Whatever schedule you decide on, keep it in mind that brushes needs to be washed frequently!




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