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How to Clean Soft Flooring?

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Different carpets will create different home atmosphere. However, although carpet can make our room look better, cleaning it is a big problem. This article will give you some tips on how to to clean your carpet.



Coventional Cleaning Methods

Clean Carpet with a Vacuum Cleaner

It is easy to for carpet to accumulate dust because of the fluff on it, and the vacuum cleaner can help deal with carpet dust. Firstly, you can use a vertical vacuum cleaner to clean the large area of the carpet and then lift the handheld vacuum cleaner to vacuum the places where the dust accumulates, such as under the coffee table, corners, and edges of the bed.


It should be known that carpet should be cleaned with vacuum cleaner regularly! If you don’t take care of the dust for a long time, the color of the carpet may change. It will be difficult to clean up the moldy spots once they appear.



Remove Stains with Dry Cloth Dampened with Vinegar

For stains caused by beverages such as coffee, cola or juice, you need to use a dry cloth or a tissue to absorb moisture first; then, go to the kitchen to get a dry cloth dampened with vinegar and scrub the stain gently and carefully. In this way, the stain can be removed.


Remove Odor with Warm Water and Vinegar

Pour 4 cups of vinegar into 4-litre of warming water and then wet the towel with the solution. After wring the towel out, wipe the carpet. Vinegar can not only eliminate pet odor, but also prevent the carpet from discoloring or fading; then, after the wiping is completed, leave the carpet in a ventilated place to air dry.


The above mentioned are the conventional cleaning method of the carpet, but carpet are made of different materials. In order not to damage the texture and texture of the carpet itself, we should deal with carpets with different methods according to the materials they are made of.



cleaning room with a vacuum cleaner

How to Clean Wool Carpet

1. The first step of cleaning the wool carpet is to vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner to remove the solid garbage and objects on the carpet.

2. The second step is to treat oil stains, fruit stains and coffee stains on the carpet separately with a special cleaning agent. Hand clean the edges, corners and places where the machine cannot reach.

3. Use a single-disc sweeper equipped with a bubbler and carpet brush to scrub the carpet with dry foam. Wait for a while for the cleaning agent to have reaction, then repeat this step.

4. Use the carpet comb or rake to comb the carpet cilia, it makes the carpet look better and can accelerate the drying of the carpet.

5. When the carpet is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dry foam crystals.



How to Clean Ordinary Carpet

1. Use a high-power vacuum cleaner to vacuum the area with a lot of dust or pollution.

2. Dilute the carpet cleaner and carburetor in proportion to the water and pour into the foaming box to clean the carpet. At the same time, use a high-power water suction machine to suck out the water stains in the carpet.

3. Open the window or turn on the air conditioner after cleaning the carpet to let the carpet dry naturally. Generally, 24 hours will do.




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