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How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roller?

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We will clean dust bag, filter or even the shell of the vacuum cleaner when we feel like it, but there is one thing that people often ingore---vacuum cleaner brush roller. You may think that leaving out brush roll is no big deal, but you are wrong. Brush roll is actually the apart that cleans your carpet or rug when you vacuum. When it get tangled up with hairs and thread, it traps the vacuum cleaner brush, so they can’t do their job properly. If you notice that you vacuum cleaner is not picking up things as they used to, the dirty brush roller may be the culprit. This article will introduce some tips on how to clean the brush roll of the vacuum cleaner.



The Basic Structure of the Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner generally includes: vacuum cleaner motor and governor, filter, dust bag, takeover, floor brush, handle and hose, round brush, sheet brush, flat suction, sofa suction, hook, strap, assembly brush head, Throat, round brush head, electric brush, sweeping brush and flat suction nozzle.




How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll

Firstly, remove the bottom plate from the vacuum cleaner. Removing brush roll should be a big problem. Now you need to clear all the hair, threads and other garbage that get tangled up on the brush roll. There are three tools you can use---a scissor, a razor blade or a seam ripper. Remeber to prepare a scissor specially for cleaning brush roll. You don’t want to use it to cut meat or vegetable after cleaning hairs and garbage, do you? The seam ripper is really handy, because it is small enough to get into the corners that scissors can’t reach. Cut the hairs and threads that wrap around the brush roll. And then pull them out. Now you can clean the brush roll with soapy water. After rinsing it under the tap, let it air dry. Reinstall the brush roll back to the vacuum cleaner after it is completely dry.



Daily Cleaning Method of Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the Dust Collector

You can use detergent to wash the washable dust collector, and remenber to air dry it. Be careful not to scrape or break the dust collector.


Clean the Dust Bag

When cleaning the dust bag, check whether the bag is damaged. If it is damaged, it should be repaired and replaced in time to effectively prevent dirt from directly entering the vacuum cleaner motor and damaging the vacuum cleaner body.



Clean the Filter

If it is a paper filter, it is best to clean it with a soft brush. Carefully sweep away the dust, handle the filter paper gentlely. If yours is flannel material filter, wash it with cold water and then dry it. Do not use hot water to wash the filter or blow dry it, otherwise it will block the small holes in the filter and affect the suction of the machine.


Clean Shell

The shell is relatively easy to clean, just wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with soapy water. Be careful not to use organic solvents or hard objects such as steel wool!




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