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How to Maintain Vacuum Cleaner?

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Women often go shopping together and it is quite normal that they go out with their friends to buy things like, a vacuum cleaner. However, you may wonder why your friends’vaccums can last longer than yours, when in fact you bought the same vacuum cleaner. Well, maybe it is because you never maintain your vacuum cleaner. This article will introduce some maintenance tips, hoping they will be valuable for you.


handheld vacuum cleaner

Check Filters and Canisters

Empty the dust canister before and after each vacuuming session. If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, you should remove the dust canister and empty the dust and dirt in it before you start vacuuming. And after you finish vacuuming, empty it again to prevent debris from accumulating in the canister and the machine. Besides, deep cleaning is needed once a month. Just wash the dust canister with soapy water and rinse it under the tap water will do.


If you have a bagged vacuum cleaner, replace the dust bag once it is 3/4 full. Most dust bags have a line on the side indicating when you should change the dust bag. It is not recommended to change it until it is completely full as it may affect the efficiency of the machine and sometimes even cause damage to the machine.


Remember to wash the filter in your vacuum cleaner once a month. If your vacuum cleaner has a washable foam filter, remove it and rinse it under the tap until water runs clear. Then, let it air dry. Don’t install it back into the machine before it is completely dry. Usually it takes about one whole day for the filter to dry. After you wash the filter, you will find your vacuum cleaner has larger suction power.


Replace disposable filters about twice a year. Most filters of vacuum cleaner get clogged up or get wear and tear with the use of time, and this kind of damage is irreversible, so it is advisable that you replace the disposable filter twice a year to achieve the desired filtering effect.


vacuuming floor with vacuum cleaner

Check the Outside of the Vacuum Cleaner

Unplug the cord before you start any inspection for fraying or breaks. If you find any breaks in the plastic cord, or exposed wire, stop using that cord any more, or you might get electrified. You can take the damaged vacuum cleaner cord to the repair shop to see if it can be repaired. If not, you might need to buy a new one, but relax, it is not very expensive.


Use a damp cloth to wipe the shell of the vacuum machine. If you leave it to be covered with dust and dirt, you may spread the dust all over your house when you are vacuuming.


Wipe down the vacuum cleaner hose and check for any clogs. Then stretch the hose until it is straight. If you see clogs in the hose, use a wire or mental hanger to extravate whatever that clogged it. Be careful when you do this. You don’t want to pierce the hose, do you?


I am sure if you grasp these tips, your vacuum cleaner can have as long a service life as your bestie’s. 




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