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How to Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaners?

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When using vacuum cleaner in daily life, we may find vacuum cleaners not working. So we should at least know some basic repair and maintenance tips to quickly handle vacuum cleaner failures and reduce failures. This article mainly introduces some maintenance tips on how to maintain your vacuum cleaners in everyday life.



Vacuum Cleaner Failures

1.Broken Hose

As long as the vacuum cleaner hose has not broken into pieces, you can replace it yourself. Usually we will prepare one or two hoses at home. But if you do not have one, you will need to buy one. But this time, remember to buy a vacuum cleaner hose that is strong and resistant to corrosion.


2.Broken Dust Bag

Although usually vacuum cleaner dust bag does not break, sometimes it does get torn. It may be that it is tangled up with other parts of the vacuum cleaner. In that case, you probably need to buy a new one. There is no need to repair the old one, cause even if you do, it won’t last long. Remember to buy one that is easy to clean.


3.Broken Motor

If you find that vacuum cleaner motor is broken, do not try to repair it yourself. You are not a professional vacuum cleaner repairer, just send the vacuum cleaner to the after-sales service. If they say your motor is broken, remember to choose a vacuum cleaner motor of good quality. There are models such as electronic vacuum cleaner motor, mini vacuum cleaner motor, Robot vacuum cleaner motor, just choose one you like the best.


vacuum cleaner

Tips on Maintenance

1. Before using the vacuum cleaner, you should check if the vacuum cleaner dust bag is full. If it is, clean the dust bag and pour out the garbage before use.


2. Before use, check whether the power cord and plug are in good condition. After use, wind the power coil into a bundle and hang it on the hook of the top cover of the machine head.


vacuum cleaner

3. It also should be noted that you should control the use time within 2 hours, otherwise, the motor might overheat, thus reducing the service life of the vacuum cleaner.


4. If you find the vacuum cleaner dust bag is almost full or the hose is blocked during use, shut off the machine immediately. Clean up the dust bag or the hose before you turn on the machine again.


5. Keep the vacuum cleaner away from the water pump or strong radiation source.


6. Check vacuum cleaner brush regularly. If it is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time.


7. After the use, the dirt in the dust bag should be removed in time, the hair and thread debris on the brush should be cleaned. Wipe the dust bag with a damp cloth soaked with water or neutral detergent, and then dry it in the sun.


8. The vacuum cleaner hose should not be folded frequently, nor should it be excessively stretched or bent. If the sealing rubber pad in the vacuum cleaner has aged and lost its elasticity, it should be replaced in time.


9. Try not to put the vacuum cleaner in a humid or corrosive place. Put it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid corrosion and damage to the body.





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