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How to Remove the Bad Smell From Vacuum Cleaners?

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A smelly vacuum cleaner is one of the largest problems people will face in their houses, especially for those with pets. If you have a dog or a cat at home, you will often find that you vacuum cleaner smells like you dog or your pet. But a smelly vacuum cleaner is not just pets owner’s problem, people who are just too lazy to clean their vacuums often have this problem too.



How to Remove the Bad Smell From a Vacuum Cleaner

Wash or Replace Dust Bag/Box

When you find your vacuum cleaner smells, the first thing you should do is to check if the dust bag is full, well, provided that yours is a washable bagged vacuum cleaner. Then empty the dust bag and clean it thoroughly. You can first soak it in soapy water and then rinse it under the water tap. Remember to let it air dry for at least 24 hours, or the damp dust bag will grow fungus and produce an even more unbearable smell. If the dust bag is disposable, change it immediately. A dust bag won’t cost much. Spending a little money is better than smelling the unpleasant odor all day long, isn’t it?


However, if yours is a bagless vacuum cleaner, the most effective way to get rid of the smell is to clean the dust box. Wash it thoroughly and air dry it before you put it back into the vacuum cleaner.


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Clean Vacuum Cleaner Filter

If you checked the dust bag or dust box and found they are perfect neat and clean, it is time to check vacuum cleaner filters. First remove the filter. If you do find the filter is smelly, wash it with soap water and let it air dry. Never ever put a damp filter back into the machine because it will only grow bacteria and fungus.


Check Vacuum Cleaner Hose

If the filter is also fine and clean, then you should probably check vacuum cleaner hose, which is easy to get clogged up. Stetched the hose until it is straight and get down and examine the hose for any blockage. If you do seen one, get it out with a broomstick and then rinse the hose if it can be taken down.


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How to Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Fresh

Use Cat Litter

You know actually cat litter is really a good thing. It can not only remove the unpleasant smell that cat pee produces, but also keep vacuum cleaner dry and clean. When you are not using the vacuum cleaner, just put some cat litter in the dust bag or dust box, and leave it there. Take it out before you use the machine next time.


Use Natural Air Freshener

Besides using cat litter to get rid of the smell, you can also use natural air freshener such as cinnamon stick, baking soda and orange peel to dispel unpleasant smells.



After reading this article, I hope you can also find a way to keep your vacuum cleaner clean and has a agreeable smell.




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