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Market Strategy of the Development of Vacuum Cleaner Motor Industry

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What Is Industry Analysis?

Industry analysis refers an analysis on industry elements such as the economic status of the industry, product production, sales, consumption, technology, industry competitiveness, market competition pattern, and industry policies using statistical tools such as statistics and econometrics based on the principles of economics so as to discover the inherent economic laws of industry operation, and further predict the future development trend of the industry. Industry analysis is a kind of analysis standing between macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis. It is the only way to discover and master the rules of industry operation. It is the brain of the development of enterprises in the industry and is crucial for the planning and development of industries.



The Main Task of Industry Analysis

The purpose of industry analysis is to explain the development stage of the industry itself and its position in the national economy, analyze various factors that affect the development of the industry and determine the impact on the industry, predict and guide the future development trend of the industry, evaluate the investment value and rish of the industry, so as to provide investment advice for government departments, investors and other institutions.


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What You Should Consider When Doing Investment

Before the birth of the automobile, the carriage industry in Europe and America used to be flourishing. However, now cars are here to stay. This shows that if an industry is already in a recession, no matter how powerful the assets and management capabilities of the company in this indusrty is, it is doomed to failure. You won’t be willing to invest a large sum of money in horse-drawn carriage production when the car is the main means of transportation, will you?


So when you are considering doing an investment, firstly, you should figure out what stage the company you are about to invest is in. Is it in its initial stage, or growing stage? When investors are considering new investments, they cannot invest in the "sunset" industries that are about to decline and be eliminated.


The industry analysis can tap the industry with the most investment potential, and then select the listed company with the most investment value.


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Market Strategy of the Development of Vacuum Cleaner Motor Industry

Vacuum cleaner market is in its stable state, so division and intelligence will be the new trend in the industry.


Although the vacuum cleaner products are well known by the public and the market development is currently in a stable state, the popularity of the products is not high. One of the reasons is that peope are constantly pestered by the noise vacuum cleaner often produce. However, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner motor is, the stronger the suction power of the vacuum cleaner will be. So it is inevitable that vacuum cleaners will produce noises when it is working. Therefore, vacuum cleaners with low noice will become a major trend in the future development of the vacuum cleaner.


Nowadays, some vacuum cleaners on the market are equipped with real consumable cyclone filter system and silencer through the motor, which can reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner to the lowest level in the industry at present, but it has not reached the optimal technical level. Enterprises can grasp this and provide users with a quieter vacuum cleaner.




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