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Market Trend of Micro-motor Vacuum Cleaner Industry

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The Advantages of Micro-motor Vacuum Cleaner

Excellent Quality

The vacuum cleaner with micro motor has excellent quality. It is not only made by superior raw materials, its leaves and motors are produced in factories that meet the dynamic balance inspection standard.


Easy to Clean

To clean the micro-motor vacuum cleaner, you only need to gently press the bottom button, then the garbage in the machine will be poured it into the trash bin at a time, completely avoiding the hidden health hazards caused by the secondary flying of dust.


Wide Application

The micro-motor vacuum cleaner can easily remove the dust on the desk surface, furniture surface, work area, computer keyboard, car seat cushion, etc.


Stylish and Beautiful

The miniature vacuum cleaner has a compact appearance and is a sight pleasing to the eye when being placed on the desk!

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Market Trend of Micro-motor Vacuum Cleaner Industry

As the competition in the micro-motor vacuum cleaner industry continues to intensify, the merge and integration of large-scale micro-motor vacuum cleaners is becoming more and more frequent. Excellent micro-motor vacuum cleaner companies at home are paying more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially on the changes of current market environment and development in order to occupy the market faster than other competitors.


Supported by a series of national policies, and driven by strong domestic market demand, the micro-motor vacuum cleaner industry as a whole has maintained steady and rapid growth. With the increase in industrial investment, technological breakthroughs and scale accumulation, in the foreseeable future, it will usher in an accelerated period of development.

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Trend of Vacuum Cleaner Development

At present, the basic configuration of the vacuum cleaner is 1200W adjustable power, metal straight pipe, HEPA filtercloth dust bag, air-operated brush or mite removal brush, with accessories such as sofa brush, round brush, flat suction, hanging rack Etc.; high-end models pay more attention to humanized design to improve the user's fun, such as folding handles, vibrating ground brushes, foot switches, anti-collision rubber strips, etc. With the continuous improvement of quality of life, people have higher and higher requirements for the configuration of home appliances. It is necessary to constantly develop new technologies to meet the different needs of consumers, such as developing new types of nozzles that can meet people’s need of using vacuum cleaners on different occasions.


In addition, the filtration method of the vacuum cleaner is about to usher in a revolution. Technologies such as water filtration, centrifugal dust rejection, and staged filtration will gradually come to market and gradually replace dust bag as the mainstream in the market in recent years. At the same time, different consumers have different requirements for vacuum cleaners. For example, consumers without experience will first pay more attention to the quality, brand, and function of the vacuum cleaner while consumers with experience are more concerned about noise reduction and Filter effect. In general, there are two main trends in the vacuum cleaner market: one is automatic intelligentization. Intelligent vacuum cleaners have increasingly become a platform for vacuum cleaner manufacturers. It represents the technical capabilities and expertise of vacuum cleaner manufacturers in this industry.


The other is small size. Sales of portable vacuum cleaners have been rising steadily. Many vacuum cleaner manufacturers have increased their investment in the research and development of small size vacuum cleaners. In the future, consumers will pay more attention to the convenience, low noise and miniaturization of vacuum cleaner when purchasing vacuum cleaners.




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