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Solutions to the Failure of Household Vacuum Cleaners

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Failure of the vacuum cleaner is a relatively common thing. When your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work, do not panic or ignore it. Look for the cause of the problem and find a way to solve it.

The Motor Does Not Run

If the vacuum cleaner is turned on, yet the motor does not run. It mainly has three reasons: poor connection of the vacuum cleaner; wrong circuit, broken motor of the vacuum cleaner. Open the vacuum cleaner and check whether motor of the vacuum cleaner is burnt out. If it is, then you need to change a motor of good quality. When buying a motor, you should first decide its kind. Do you want an industrial vacuum cleaner motor or just a household vacuum motor? After that, you also need to decide which model you want, which include brushless vacuum cleaner motor, mini vacuum motor, electric vacuum cleaner motor, robot vacuum cleaner motor. If you are a light sleeper, you should probably choose a vacuum cleaner motor of low noise.



The main reason for the leakage of the vacuum cleaner's shell may be the vacuum motor insulation failure. If such a problem occurs, you should dry the vacuum cleaner and then perform insulation treatment. If it still has no effect, you need to replace the motor.


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Shut-down of the Whole Machine

After starting the vacuum cleaner, the entire vacuum cleaner isn’t on, then it is very likely that the fuse inside the vacuum cleaner has burnt out, and the solution is to replace the new fuse. It is also possible that the vacuum cleaner motor is broken, in that case, you need to change a vacuum cleaner motor.


Vacuum Cleaner Suction Drops

There are many reasons why the vacuum cleaner can't suck much things, such as the looseness of the motor and the fan; or the reduced speed of the motor; or the unsealed vacuum cleaner shell. You should first find the cause of the failure, and then take a method to fix it. If the motor is broken, change the motor.


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Loud Noises

Generally, any vacuum cleaner produces noise, the difference is the level of noise. If the you vacuum cleaner doesn’t normally give out much noise, but one day the noise suddenly increases, it may be that your vacuum cleaner has failed. It may be cause by the loose motor fan or loose fixed element. It is also very easy to fix it. Just tighten the motor fan and fixed elements.


Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Vacuum

If you find your vacuum cleaner is not vacuuming, yet the motor is still spinning, it may be that the dust bag inside the vacuum cleaner is full, or the air path is blocked by garbage. The solution is very simple, just clean up the garbage in the dust bag, and the clear up the air path.



Hope these tips will be of help to you.




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