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The Difference Between Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

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Difference Between Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Dry vacuum cleaners can only be used to remove relatively dry objects, such as dust, shredded paper, and wall dust while carpet vacuum cleaner can only be used to remove relatively wet objects or liquids, such as laundry detergent and sewage. They have different filtering method. Dry vacuum cleaners generally filter the air by paper bags or cloth bags, while carpet vacuum cleaners use the vacuum effect of the motor to filter the air.



Uses of Vacuum Cleaners

1. The vacuum cleaner can be used to vacuum compression. When the seasons change, many families will put away their bedding and other items, and sometimes these items occupy large storage space and are easy to get damp and moldy. Vacuum cleaner can solve this problem. First put them in a plastic sealed bag, then use a vacuum cleaner to evacuate the air in the plastic bag, and finally seal the bag tightly.


2. Use vacuum cleaner to find small items. More often than not, we drop some very small items on the floor, such as buttons, pills, bottle caps, sewing needles, etc., but it is really difficult to find these small things with naked eyes, especially for the elderly with poor eyesight. But if you have a vacuum cleaner, you can find it without effort. First, wrap the suction port of the vacuum cleaner with a layer of tissue, and then select the appropriate wind force according to the size of the item. After the power is turned on, use the suction port to sweep back and forth the place where you lost that item. The dropped item will soon be suck to the suction port of vacuum cleaner.


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3. Use vacuum cleaner to clean and dedust household appliances. Many families have televisions, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners and other electrical appliances at home. If we manually clean and dust the interior of the electrical appliances, it will not only be troublesome but also risky, because we may damage the components of the electrical appliances without noticing. How to use a vacuum cleaner to carry out daily maintenance and remove dust inside and outside the appliance? First unplug the power plug of the electrical appliance, open the electrical appliance shell according to the instructions and remove it, use a suitable shape of suction pipe to reach the interior of the electrical appliance to remove the dust, then use a hair dryer to dry it, and finally reinstall the shell.




1. Check whether the vacuum cleaner cord is intact before use.


2. When using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful not to block the suction port, otherwise it will cause overload of the motor and damage the vacuum cleaner motor.


3. When using the vacuum cleaner, please remember to install the dust filter bag to prevent dust from entering the motor room.


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4. Don't use vacuum cleaner to vacuum fine particles such as cement, gypsum powder, wall powder, etc., otherwise it will cause the dust bag or filter of the vacuum cleaner to be clogged and the motor to burn out and other failures.


5. When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, please use a damp cloth containing water or neutral detergent, do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise it will cause the shell to crack or fade.


6. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck detergent, coal, oil, glass, needles, soot, wet dust, sewage, matches and other items.


7. Put vacuum cleaner away from fire.


8. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to absorb water and other liquids, and do not rinse the vacuum cleaner with water.




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