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The Difference Between Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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We are all familiar with vacuum cleaners, which are widely used at homes, hotels, and shopping malls. But these vacuum cleaners are either household vacuum cleaners or commercial vacuum cleaners. In daily life, we are seldom in contact with industrial vacuum cleaner. Today I will give a brief analysis of the differences between industrial vacuum cleaners and commercial vacuum cleaners.


As a matter of fact, when choosing vacuum cleaners, what is right is the best. Cleaning companies, housekeeping companies, and hotels often use commercial vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, while factories with large space use industrial vacuum cleaners to do their daily cleaning, naming for industrial cleaning. Actually, the principle of the industrial vacuum cleaner is the same with that of the commercial vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner motor rotates at a high speed and creates a pressure change in the machine, and the resulting pressure difference sucks in the dust and dirt outside with the air flow.


But industrial vacuum cleaners are still different from general commercial vacuum cleaners in the following aspects.


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1. Capacity

The capacity of industrial vacuum cleaners is twice as large as that of commercial vacuum cleaners. The reason for such a difference is that there is more garbage in the construction site. Moreover, it has a unique design in dumping, loading and unloading garbage.


2. Working Voltage

The common working voltage of commercial vacuum cleaners is around 220V, but industrial vacuum cleaners generally have a voltage of 380V due to the higher motor power.


3. Length of Working Time

Due to the nature of commercial vacuum cleaners, it can only work for a short period of time and the long continuous use will shorten its service life. Of course, industrial vacuum cleaners are also designed to work discontinuously, but relatively speaking, its continuous use time is longer than commercial vacuum cleaners.


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4. Filtering Area

Commercial vacuum cleaners are mainly specialized in vacuuming dust and its filter is not designed for industrial dust vacuuming. If you want keep a workshop dust-free, generally you can only achieve this effect with industrial vacuum cleaners with a larger filtration area.


5. Special Use

The industrial vacuum cleaner has an explosion-proof function which commericial type doesn’t have. The reason why it has such a function is that it is often used in places where there are flammable and explosive substances and where it is not safe to use common vacuum cleaner. So it is added a special explosion-proof function to improve safety.


6. Fine-dust Filtering Function

The industrial vacuum cleaner has a very high degree of specialization, which can efficiently filter fine dust generated in places such as the textile industry and the ceramic industry. It covers a filtering area of 35,000 square meters, and can be used as a central vacuum system.


7. Pneumatic Drive Function

It is very inconvenient to use general industrial vacuum cleaners in working places where the working voltage is unstable or where plug is insufficient, so the corresponding industrial vacuum cleaner with gas oil drive is invented.


In short, to achieve the best cleaning effect, you should choose vacuum cleaner based on the environment and uses.




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