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The Difference Between Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Mite Controller

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The Difference Between Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Mite Controller

Vacuum cleaners are divided into ordinary vacuum cleaners and  mite-removing vacuum cleaners. The ordinary vacuum cleaners currently on the market do not have the effect of removing mites. They only have the function of cleaning and removing dust, and cannot completely kill mites. Because mites are afraid of high temperatures and have adhesion, the general vacuum cleaner can only suck part of the mites. Besides, corpses of mites are also allergens. In addition, the mites sucked into the dust box may get out with air flow and cause secondary pollution. So general vacuum cleaners cannot really eliminate the mites.


The mite-removing vacuum cleaner is a functional upgrade product of the vacuum cleaner. Compared with the ordinary vacuum cleaner, it has an additional filter called HEPA technolog. You can think of it as a professional net with high density, and even the mites invisible to the naked eye can not pass through it. When the mites are sucked in, they are forced to hit the HEPA net, and they won’t get out again, thereby achieving the effect of removing mites.


The dust mite controller uses ultrasonic waves of up to 40,000 Hz to affect mite’s physiological system, thereby effectively inhibiting the mite's eating and reproduction process and reducing the mite density and allergens in the space. They are not harmful to humans and pets, so you can use them relievedly.



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Which Is Better: Vacuum Cleaner or Dust Mite Controller

Vacuum cleaner is actually more inclined to clean up indoor garbage. Even if it is a vacuum cleaner with a mite removal function, its mite removal function is only accessary. The main function is to clean dust and hair. Yet the dust mite controller is specifically aimed at eliminating mites and can effectively inhibit the regeneration of mites, so their focuses are different and each has its own benefits.


If there is a lot of dust and hair in your home, it is recommended that you buy a vacuum cleaner, so it would be more convenient to clean your home. Of course,if you want to remove mites more thoroughly, it is best to buy a dust mite controller. Of course, if you are well off, you can buy a vacuum cleaner and a dust mite remover.



Other Magical Uses of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Compression

When summer comes, many family will put away their quilts. However, the quilts may occupy a large space and sometime even gets moldy and damp, that’s when vaccum cleaner comes in. First put the quilt in a plastic sealed bag, then use a vacuum cleaner to evacuate the air in the plastic bag, and finally seal the bag tightly. This not only saves the storage space greatly, prevent the quilts inside from going moldy. However, when doing this, you should keep an eye on the temperature of the vacuum cleaner. Make sure it is not overheated, otherwise, the vacuum cleaner motor may get burned out.


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Clean and Dust Home Appliances

We generally have televisions, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners and other electrical appliances at home. If you manually clean and dust the interior of the electrical appliances, it is not only troublesome but also easy to damage the components of the electrical appliances. How to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust inside and outside the appliance? First unplug the power plug of the appliance, open the appliance shell according to the instructions and remove it, select a suitable shape of vacuum shape to remove the dust inside the appliance, then use a hair dryer to dry the interior, and finally install the shell back to the appliance. Besides, when using the hair dryer, make sure it is not overheated, or the hair dryer motor will be burned out. Change a hair dryer motor of high quality if it is burned out.




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