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The Difference Bewteen Floor Mopping Robot and Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

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When it comes to cleaning houses, the first things that pop out of people’s mind are vacuum cleaners and floor mopping robots. However, many people don’t know the difference between them, thereby often chooseing the wrong products. This article will give a detailed analysis to the similarities and disparities of these two products, hoping they will be of help to you.




Wireless cleaning.

What we mean by handheld vacuum cleaners generally refers to wireless vacuum cleaners, a cleaning product that is gradually gaining popularity in China. From this aspect, sweeping robots and wireless handheld vacuum cleaners are wireless cleaning products, free from traditional wires. So it is bound to be more convenient, but their cruising power is not as good as wired vacuum cleaner. So the quality of the battery, including the type and capacity of the battery, is very important.


Floor cleaning.

As the name suggests, the sweeping robot can clean dust and hair on the floor, and so is handheld vacuum cleaner as it is also equipped with a cleaning brush, which can be used to clean floor. Therefore, both floor mopping robots and handheld vacuum cleaners can be used to clean floors.



vacuuming room with vacuum cleaner


Whether manual operation is required.

The biggest difference between a sweeping robot and a handheld vacuum cleaner is whether it needs manual operation. Floor sweeping robot, also known as automatic floor sweeping machine, is a kind of intelligent household appliances. It can automatically complete floor cleaning in the room with certain artificial intelligence. Basically, there is no need for excessive human intervention, which is very time-saving; while handheld vacuum cleaners do not have this ability, so it still needs manual operation to perform housework cleaning, and it still takes some time.


The cleaning range is different.

The floor-cleaning robot, as it literally means, can only be used for floor cleaning; while handheld vacuum cleaners are generally equipped with a variety of brush head nozzles. In addition to floor cleaning, they can also clean ceiling, corners, gaps and bookcases. The wireless handheld vacuum cleaner can even be used as a car vacuum cleaner. A few big-name vacuum cleaners are even equipped with professional dust removal and mite removal heads, which can be used to clean dust mites on cotton fabrics such as beds and sofas.


The cleaning method is different.

Although the sweeping robot can only be used for floor cleaning, in addition to sweeping and vacuuming, many sweeping robots have the function of mopping the floor. Of course, not all sweeping robots have this function; and at present, the handheld vacuum cleaner only has the function of sucking out garbage.


intelligent vacuum cleaner


Through the analysis and comparison above, I believe that you all have a basic understanding of sweeping robots and handheld vacuum cleaners. In general, if you live in spacious house and only want to clena dust and hair on the floor and want to free your hands and save time, sweeping robot is the first choice. For those who have more time and would like their homes to be spotless, handheld vacuum cleaner is a good choice.


In fact, the author recommends that you store a sweeping robot and a hand-held vacuum cleaner at home if your economical condition permits so that you can use the sweeping robot to clean dust and hair daily, and  use handheld vacuum cleaners when you need a thorough cleanup. 




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