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The Latest News in the Vacuum Cleaner Industry

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Water filter type vacuum cleaners use water filtration technology to filter dust and garbage. Now this technology has been fully recognized in the market. The use of water as filter allows the vacuum cleaner to absorb wet garbage. So the current water filter vacuum cleaner can absorb liquid such as drinks, broken eggs and other slippery and sticky objects and sharp objects such as broken glass.

vacuuming floor with vacuum cleaner

Working Principle

The water filtration vacuum cleaner uses water to dissolve and contain dust, particles, allergens, pollen, dust mites, and tiny micro-organisms, etc. and then remove dust, garbage and bacteria with multi-channel filter. The microorganisms will be kept in the vacuum cleaner and air will be expelled outside the vacuum cleaner.


The first layer of filtration: firstly, water filtration vacuum cleaner sucks dust, microorganisms, and debris, etc. into the water filter box and soak them in the water to achieve the separation of dust and gas.


The second layer of filtration: after the first layer of filtration, most of the garbage will be left in the water, but there are still some small particles left in the air, so there is usually a filter screen on the motor port to prevent them from getting out.


The third layer of filtration: if unfortunately some particles passed the first and the second layer of filtration, don’y worry. There is generally a rear filter, hepa filter, which is very powerful, so there won’t be any secondary pollution.


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Compared with traditional vacuum cleanerswater filtration vacuum cleaners are better in filtering effect, and water filtration technology is also the most efficient and powerful filtration method at present. When this kind of vacuum cleaner is used, there will be no fine dust causing secondary pollution to the air, so the health of the respiratory tract of family members will not be affected. And in conjunction with medical-grade HEPA and other effective filter materials, it has a perfect purification filter system. Besides, it is also very convenient to clean. You only need to wash the water tank after vacuuming.




Do not vacuum too much liquid, the limit is 300 ml. Although the machine won’t be damaged if the vacuum cleaner sucks too much water, it does spill. So to avoid second cleaning, do not vacuum too much liquid.


When you are cleaning your house, just turn to first or second gear to complete the cleaning task! It is easier, quieter and more cost-effective.


The vacuum cleaner hose should be cleaned after use. You can just remove the vacuum cleaner hose and put one end under the faucet and rinse directly. It is inevitable that some residues will be left in the hose after cleaning, so the vacuum cleaner hose must be cleaned regularly.




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