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The Pros and Cons of Different Vacuum Cleaners

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Universal Traditional Vacuum Cleaner

The so-called traditional vacuum cleaner is the most common vacuum cleanersold at the electrical appliance store, it has the size similar to that of a cat and a dog. The working principle of this kind of vacuum cleaner is very simple, that is, through the high-speed rotation of the vacuum cleaner motor, a vacuum is formed in the machine, and with the resulting high-speed airflow, the dust and the garbage are sucked into the vacuum cleaner and stored in the dust bag. The air purified by the filter is released from the vacuum cleaner.


Advantages: mature technology, low price, diverse options.


Disadvantages: noisy; sometimes due to insufficient suction force, it can not achieve the desired cleaning effect; the dust collection box is difficult to clean.


vacuuming the floor

Ubiquitous Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

In order to guarantee sufficient power, most traditional vacuum cleaners must be connected to the power cord, but after all, people usually don’t have that many power outlets in their home, so they often feel restricted by the length of the vacuum cleaner power cord. Moreover, even if the power cord is long enough, with wear and tear, it will cause a lot of safety hazards such as leakage and obstacles.


Thus, a rechargeable vacuum cleaner with power supply was born. It can slip the leash because it has a built-in battery, which enables it to clean the outdoor unit of air conditioning, car trunk and other sanitary dead ends.


Advantages: rechargeable, moderate price


Disadvantages: The life of the whole machine will be affected by the service life of the battery; the power is generally low; few brands


vacuum cleaner motor

Convenient Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

In simple terms, the traditional vacuum cleaner is a combination of a leather tube and an electric motor. But no matter where you go, you have to take this big motor with you.Therefore, people began to consider combining the electric motor and the handle to get a new vacuum cleaner that is smaller and conveninent. In addition, this hand-held vacuum cleaner also uses a clever motor design, which greatly reduces the noise and is more suitable for modern home use.


Advantages: small size, easy to use, low energy consumption and low noise.


Disadvantages: limited suction.

Classic Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Although the room cleaned by the vacuum cleaner is dust-free, it is slightly dry. Many people are used to scrub the ground again with a wet duster cloth. However, this seemingly hygienic behavior actually leads to worse results... According to authoritative surveys, there is 10,000 to 100 million bacteria on duster cloth per square centimeter. So using such a cloth to clean the ground will make the floor a breeding ground for bacteria.


Therefore, a "steam cleaner" that can vacuum and scrub the floor appeared. This kind of vacuum cleaner can vacuum, steam and wipe the floor all in one step. The unique design of the steam brush head releases steam that can soften stubborn stains. With gentle wipe of the warm dust cloth, the oil and stains that are difficult to remove on the floor can be easily wiped off. In addition, it also has a built-in heater, which can heat the water in the brush and produce steam to sterilize the floor.  


Advantages: it can vacuum and scrubb the floor at the same time; advanced sterilization function.


Disadvantages: high price.




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