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The Similarity and Differences Between Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Household Vacuum Cleaners

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Household Vacuum Cleaners


Common vacuum cleaners fall into three major categories: industrial vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaner, and household vacuum cleaner. They all have the same working principle, which is to use the vacuum generated by the vacuum cleaner motor inside the machine to suck garbage and dirt into the dust bag or dust box.



Different Design (structure)

The vacuum cleaner includes a power engine, a filter, a container, a bracket and accessories.


1. Power engine: Most industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with 380V power engine to ensure strong power. The 380V motor of the industrial vacuum cleaner can generally work continuously for 24 hours. However, commercial and household vacuum cleaners use 220V motors, and their continuous operation time generally does not exceed 1 hour.


2. Filter: According to different working conditions and requirements, various filter materials, structures and methods are used in different vacuum cleaners. A cyclone separator (for solid-liquid separation) can be added to improve the filtering effect. Commercial and household vacuum cleaners use basically non-woven filter bags. Although some new technologies are applied in making commericial and hosuehold vacuums more convenient and durable, their filtering effect is still far cry from that of industrial machines.


Tests have shown that 50% of the dust sucked by ordinary commercial or household vacuums returned to the air, which increases the dust concentration in the air and affects the indoor air quality.


vacuuming room with vacuum cleaner

3. Container: the container of industrial vacuum cleaners is generally larger than that of commercial and household vacuum cleaners, as industrial vacuums often need to vacuum a great amount of garbage and dirt, so the container designed for industrial vacuum cleaners is easy to move and dump. Normally, we don’t need to deal with that much garbage at home, so the household or commercial vacuum cleaner have a container that is relatively small .


4. Bracket and accessories: the bracket and accessories of the industrial vacuum cleaner are made of metal(steel plate or stainless steel), which is very strong and durable. And there are a variety of accessory combinations for selection to meet different process requirements.


intelligent vacuum cleaner

Different Material:

1. The casing and trash can of the industrial vacuum cleaner are made of thickl steel plate, iron plate or stainless steel plate, which can effectively protect the motor from being damaged. Commercial and household machines mostly use plastic casings and frames, which are relatively light.


2. The dust bag of the industrial vacuum cleaner is specially treated to effectively filter a large amount of dust, and at the same time, prolong the service life of the dust filter.


3. The motors of industrial vacuum cleaners are all imported, and require a 380V power source to ensure strong power and make sure the machine can work continuously for 24 hours. The 220V single-phase motors used in commercial and household machines are motors with carbon brushes, and the carbon brushes have a service life. Generally, its working life is 800-1000 hours. After that period, if the carbon brush is worn or damaged, the motor will break.




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