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Things You Should Know About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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Robot vacuum cleaner, also known as automatic cleaning machine, and intelligent vacuum cleaner, is a kind of intelligent household appliances, which can actively complete the floor cleaning in the room with certain artificial intelligence. Generally, it brushes and vacuums the debris on the ground into its own garbage storage box, thereby achieving the effect of cleaning. Generally speaking, the robots that do cleaning, vacuuming and moping are also uniformly classified as robot vacuum cleaners.




To determine which areas require additional cleaning, robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with two dust sensors, which is directly above the rotating brush of the robot vacuum cleaner. They are acoustic sensors. When the blower blows dust into the air, the dust hits the sensor's metal plate, causing large oscillation. The sensor will detect the oscillation and direct the robot vacuum cleaner to clean the area again. When the cleaning plate of the robot vacuum cleaner (with the blower setting inside) senses that the height change of the floor, it will actively adjust its height, so it can easily enter under most coffee tables, bedside tables, beds and some sofas to clean dust.


robot vacuum cleaner


The intelligent vacuumc cleaner not only saves time and effort, purifies the air, but also produces low noise. Besides, it has high suction, is both light and compact, comfortable and safe. It is equipped with an intelligent computer system, automatic spiral navigation system, memory system, and 21 sensor heads and combines sweeping, wiping, vacuuming, and purifying air.

(1) Time-saving and labor-saving: The entire cleaning process does not require human intervention, so you can watch TV and accompany your family while the machine is cleaning for you.

(2) Low noise: it produces noise lower than 50 decibels, so you won’t be disturbed by the machine.

(3) Air purification: with built-in activated carbon, it can adsorb harmful substances in the air, with dust purification rate up to 96% and cleaning efficiency 100%.

(4) Light and compact: it can clean the dead corners that ordinary vacuum cleaners can not reach.



Using Method

To use the machine, all you need is to press the cleaning button on the machine, and then it will start cleaning all by itself, no other operations are needed. You can know the cleaning process by looking at the color of the indicator light on the machine. Of course, the machine is not as smart as human, so you can also control it with the remote control to clean the places that the machine is unable to detect. The robot vacuum cleaner receives the signal of the remote control quickly, and it can quickly get moving according to the your signal. Finally, don't forget to sort the dust box. If the dust box is not cleaned for a long time, the cleaning effect might be affected.



robot vacuum cleaner


1. If it is not a wet and dry robot vacuum cleaner, do not use it in a wet environment to prevent vacuum cleaner motor from getting damp and cause short circuit and fire.

2. Do not let sweeping robot to vacuum combustible objects such as matches and cigarette butts.

3. The use time should not be too long. If the machine is overheated, you should turn it down for a while to prevent the motor from overheating and burning.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use sweeping robots in places where there are flammable and explosive to avoid fire and explosion.

5. If you are not going to use it for a long time, unplug the power cord from the socket, take out the battery, arrange it and store it in a dry place.




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