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Things You Should Know Before Buying Vacuum Cleaners

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Compared with traditional brooms, vacuum cleaners are more convenient, so almost every modern household will consider purchasing one. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner?


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should choose one with bright and smooth shell. Paint products are not recommanded. For a vacuum cleaner with good performance, the filter should be double-layer, with large and fine meshes. During power-on trial, the starting speed of a vacuum cleaner of good quality should not exceed 1 second, and the amplitude should be small when touched by hand, while the deceleration time should be longer than 5 seconds after power off, with the stopping process smooth and even.


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Things You Should Pay Attention To

1. Nozzle Configuration

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you should carefully check the nozzle configuration of the vacuum cleaner, as different nozzle has different functions and is designed for cleaning different areas. The more fully equipped the nozzle, the more areas it can clean.


2. Filter Material of the Exhaust of the Vacuum Cleaner.

Filter sponge has the worst filterability.


Activated carbon filter has high absortion capacity, but it has relatively large pores, so its filterability is just so so.


Scrubbing cloth’s texture is more dense. Its cost performance is better than the previous two.


HELP filter: It is a high-precision filter, with strong adsorption force, and a good filter material.


Composite paper dust bag: double-layer filtration, effectively improve the dust filtration efficiency, but it’s a little expensive.


3. Try Suction Power.

 After turning on the machine, you can put your palm on the front section to feel the strength of suction. If you want to use the machine for housework, a vacuum cleaner with 400-600 W power if sufficient to remove dust from home carpets and other places.



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Which one is better: Bagged or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners with dust bag are increasingly criticized by consumers because of troublesome cleaning and high cost of later use. The dust bag type vacuum cleaner uses cloth bag or paper bag inside the vacuum cleaner to filter the sucked dusty air, and the dust is accumulated in the dust bag after filtering. If it is a cloth dust bag, the dust bag needs to be taken out regularly for emptying and cleaning. However, the dust might float back into the air when dumping and cleaning the dust bag is also a very troublesome process


The bag-free vacuum cleaner filters the air by cyclone and sucks the dust into the dust box or dust bucket. It can be washed directly with water, eliminating the trouble of cleaning the dust bag and purchasing the dust bag, and can save a lot money. Although the price of the bagless vacuum cleaner is higher than that of the bagged vacuum cleaner, there is no later cost of the bagless vacuum cleaner. Bag vacuum cleaners have a much lower cost performance ratio. Therefore, bagless vacuum cleaners are increasingly favored by consumers.




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