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Things You Should Know When Using Vacuum Cleaners

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Eight Things You Should Know About Vacuum Cleaners

First of all, vacuum cleaners of different types and modes have different structures, performances and functions. Therefore, you must carefully read the instruction manual before using the vacuum cleaner you choose to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner and personal safety concern due to improper use.


Secondly, the vacuum cleaner should be used in a ventilated room where the altitude does not exceed 1000 meters and ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C, and where there is no flammable or corrosive gas in the air.


Thirdly, before use, the vacuum cleaner hose should be properly connected to the suction part of the vacuum cleaner. And make sure the continuous working hour of vacuum cleaner is less than 2 hours, otherwise, it may overheat and thereby causing the vacuum cleaner motor to burn out. This principle also works for other machines such hair dryers ,balloon blowing machine, air pump and sawing machine. When using these machines, makes sure they don’t overheat, or the hair dryer motor, balloon bllowing motorair pump motor and saw motor will break down. Better to be careful than to buy a new one, right?


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Fourthly, the vacuum cleaner generally has two switches, one on the shell of the vacuum cleaner and the other on the grip handle of the vacuum cleaner hose. When using, you should first turn on the sky switch on the shell before switching on the grip handle switch.


Fifthly, during normal use, make sure the vacuum cleaner is dry, and  do not operate the machine with wet hands. Burning the machine is no big deal, but getting an electric shock is not. If there are things with a diameter larger than the suction head such as paper balls, plastic cloth or, they should be removed in advance, otherwise the suction pipe will be easily blocked.


Sixthly, during use, the suction control device can be adjusted appropriately depending on different occasion. There is a round hole in the elbow pipe, on which there is an adjustment ring. When the adjustment ring covers the hole in the elbow pipe, the suction force is the largest, and when the adjustment ring exposes all the holes, the suction force is the smallest. Some vacuum cleaners adjust the suction power by adjusting the speed of the vacuum cleaner motor.


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Seventhly, when using a vacuum cleaner with an automatic winding device, just pull out the power cord for a sufficient length. Do not overpull the power cord. If you see a yellow or red mark on the power cord, stop pulling. When you need to rewind the vacuum cleaner power cord, press the button and it will retract automatically.


Last but not least, clean the vacuum cleaner dust bag regularly. If you find your vacuum cleaner has poor suction power, first check if the dust bag or dust box is full. Empty it if it is.



I hope these little tips will be of help to you in your daily use of vacuum cleaners.




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