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Things You Shouldn’t with Your Vacuum Cleaner

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With the advancement of science and technology, more and more house appliances are invented to free our hands and vacuum cleaner is definitely one of them. We depend on them, hoping they will be of help when our house are messy and they surely live up to our expectations. Nevertheless, are we treating it the way it deserved? Whether yours is a dry vacuum cleaner or wet and dry vacuum cleaner, bagged vacuum cleaner or bagless vacuum cleaner, you should never do these thing to your vacuum cleaners.



Vacuum Hard Objects

When we are vacuuming, we often see that there are some small rocks or chippings on the ground, yet intead of stooping over and picking them up, it is more often than not that we just go head and vacuum them. However, this could be a big mistake because these hard objects, though small, can cause a great damage to our vacuum cleaners. Clogging the machine is one thing, damaging them is another. Though you may not ruin the machine by just vacuuming hard objects for one time, but one time will be more than enough. So next time you come across hard objects on carpets and floor, pick them up. It won’t take you much time, but it can save your vacuum cleaner from being damaged.


Vacuum Water

We know that vacuum cleaners are devided into dry and wet and dry vacuum cleaners. So regular vacuum cleaners, ie, dry vacuum cleaners  are not designed to vacuum water. So when you see water on the floor, don’t try to vacuum it. Instead, wipe it clean with dry dust cloth. Don’t risk ruining your machine when you could have just bend down and dry the liquids. Or ingore this one if yours is wet and dry vacuum cleaner.


vacuuming room with vacuum cleaner

Let the Vacuum Cleaner Run Overfilled

Sometimes you may find your vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to have much suction, then check the dust bag or dust box of the vacuum cleaner. It is recommended that you clean the dust bag and dust box after every time you vacuum the room.


Throw the Vacuum Cleaner out Because You Think the Motor Is Busted

Did you ever throw away your vacuum cleaner because it suddenly stopped working? In fact, it may be that it just overheated. Check whether the dust bag is full. Empty it if it is. Sometime the motor of the vacuum cleaner is in good condition, it stops working just because it overheated. So next you decide to throw away your vacuum cleaner, think twice.


vacuuming room with vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Over the Cord

Regularly, vacuum cleaner cords are tough, but due to inappropriate use of vacuum cleaner, it might be damaged and frayed. So never vacuum over the cord because it might overstetch or overextend vacuum cleaner cords, making them unsafe for use.




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