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Tips for Home Carpet Cleaning

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Why Do We Vacuum?

Vacuuming can keep carpet or rug look neat and tidy by removing the dirt and dust accumulated on the surface of the carpet and rug. It can also fluff the fiber of the carpet and make it look better.


Regular vacuuming gets rid of sharp, gritty particle that may cut the carpet fibers. These scratches reduce the flexibility of fibers and hold soils that may contaminate the carpet. So to prolong the carpet life, stick to regular vacuuming.


Regular vacuuming can also improve air quality. It is known to all that vacuum cleaners can not only remove dirt and dust, but also purify the air. So vacuuming your home regularly can make air in your home fresh and clean.


For families with patients with asthma and breathing problems, vacuuming regularly is even more essential. If fine dust and pollens accumulate in the air, those susceptible people may suffer serious conditions. So for the sake of the health of your family and yours, do vacuum home at least once a week.



vacuuming window sills

Vacuuming Strategy

When outlining a vacuuming strategy, there are a wealth of factors that you should take into consideration.


The amount of use.

Which equipment to use.

The level of appearance and sanitation desired.

Materials of the objects.



General Rule

The more use and traffic, the more vacuuming is needed. Places such as living rooms and bedrooms that are frequent visited should be vacuumed at least once a week. If you have a pet at home, then you should probably do it daily. You know how quick pet hair can encroach the whole house.


Apart from the amount of use, you should also consider which equipmet to use. Although you are not able to change the type of vacuum cleaner you have at home, you can at least change its nozzle head to meet your different types of need. For carpet, you can use a nozzle head that is designed for cleaning carpet. Choosing the right nozzle head may produce an unexpected cleaning effect.


Thirdly, the frequency of the vacuuming is also determined by the level of appearance and sanitation you want your house to be. If you are a person keen on cleaning, you may want to vacuum the house daily. On the contrary, if you are lazy, you may think once-a-week vacuuming is enough.



vacuuming floor


When you are cleaning, do not unplug computers, fax machines or any electrical appliances.


Make a note of the spots and corners that require cleaning.


Always return things to their original places after vacuuming.


Remove any furniture before you start vacuuming, so you won’t miss any dirty corner.


Pick up any sharp objects such as paper clips, staples and needles before vacuuming, otherwise, they may pierce the vacuum cleaner hose or even get into the machine and damage the motor of the vacuums.


Never jerk the vacuum cleaner cord, unplug it.




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