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Tips on Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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A dust bag is an essential part of a vacuum cleaner. It is designed for gathering and filtering dust, debris, and dirt. Regular cleaning can improve its performance and efficiency. However, buying a new dust bag of good quality can be pricy and unneccessary sometimes. Learning how to clean a vacuum cleaner dust bag can not only save money, but also keep your vacuum cleaner stay efficient. A dust bag is a highly important part of a vacuum cleaner.


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Steps to Clean Vacuum Cleaner Bags

When cleaning household appliances like a vacuum cleaner, remember to unplug them first. Unplugged them can not only ensure your safety but also avoid electrocution. If you have just finished using the vacuum cleaner, wait for at least 10-15 minutes before you start the cleaning. The machine needs to be cooled down a bit. Besides, you should also check the dust bag after each use so that you can decide the right time to clean it.


If the dust bag is full, remove it from the vacuum cleaner first. Then empty the dust bag and throw the garbage in it into the trash can. You can also shake the bag, but it is better to shake it outdoors. For people who are allergic to dust, it is better to wear a protective suit, mask and goggle covering your whole body. Once it is empty, whack it against a wall or any hard surface to shake off any remaining dirt. If the opening is large enough, you can also use your hand or a brush to clean it.


After dusting the dirt off the bag, check if it is still in good condition. If it is intact, install it back into the vacuum cleaner. If not, check for holes, slits and other possible damages. If you find the bag is too torn to be used again, you can go to the nearest hardware store to seek for replacement. It is best if you can find one same as your original one. If you can’t find the same type, you should try to buy one of the same size and dimensions so that it will fit the machine perfect in place.


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Additional Tips

Do not wash your vacuum cleaner bag unless the specification says it is washable. You may weak or damage the fiber of the dust bag without even noticing.


Cleaning vacuum cleaner dust bag can boost its performance and efficiency, so your vacuum cleaner can capture more dirt and dust.


If you have seen holes, slits and other damages on the vacuum cleaner bag, it is recommended to buy a new one. A bag with holes can easily be torn and spill the dust in it. And it may damage the vacuum cleaner motor if the dust in it gets spilled out.


When the dust bag is full, a vacuum cleaner may not function that well as the dust bag doesn’t have enough capacity for more dust and dirt, so the suction power of the vacuums will be impaired. So next time you find your vacuum cleaner has weaker suction that before, you can try cleaning the dust bag, but it is best that you make a habit of cleaning the bag on a regular basis. 




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