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Which Is Better: Vacuum Cleaner or Sweeping Machine?

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With the rapid development of modern science and technology, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional sweeping tools, instead they replace them with vacuum cleaners and floor sweeping robots, which liberate their hands and make their home cleaner! But, which is better, the cleaning robot and vacuum cleaner, which is more suitable for home use? Let us find out in the comparsion below:



Working Principles

Floor Sweeping Robot

Known as automatic sweeping machine, intelligent vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, etc., floor sweeping robot is a kind of intelligent household appliances. With certain artificial intelligence, it can do floor cleaning automatically in the room. Generally, it brushes and vacuums the debris on the floor into its own garbage storage box, so as to achieve  the function of ground cleaning. In general, robots that complete cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping are also collectively classified as floor cleaning robots. The sweeping robot is popular with the public because of its simple operation and convenient use!



Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner has many kinds. It can be divided into household vacuum cleaner, car vacuum cleaner, and basement vacuum cleaner according to the using occasions; industrial vacuum cleaner and commerical vacuum cleaner according to functions, but their basic principle is the same. Its power derives from the vacuum cleaner motor that can rotate at high speed. The motor drives the wind impeller to rotate at high speed, which is 8000-25000 rpm. The powerful suction it produces can not only suck garbage into the dust bag, but also filter the fresh air, which can not be done with brooms and mops. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable cleaning tool for many families



Using Method

Vacuum cleaners need to be manually operated. They can be large and small and can be used to clean any area including floor and ceiling. While the intelligent sweeping robot is automatically controlled and is ususlly small. It automatically reserves the cleaning and automatically returns to the charging base for charging and can avoid obstacles automatically. However, it requires relatively smooth ground and couldn’t reach dead corners, such as under the sofa, the wall corners, and the steps etc.



Advantages and Disadvantages

Vacuum Cleaner

1. Many cleaning functions: it can handle many garbage forms including fine powder, granule, liquid, etc.

2. Wide usage: it can be used to clean the dust of furniture tables and chairs, and ones with mite removal effect can be used to clean sofas, mattresses, curtains, etc.;

3. Strong suction: It can be used as a suction pump for storage bags, compressing the storage bags to save space.

4. Affordable price: relatively cheap and can be bought at around one hundred yuan.


Floor Sweeping Robot

1. Professional floor cleaning: the floor sweeping robot focuses on "sweeping", so it can clean the floor in a more thorough way.

2. Intelligent control: it literally liberates your hands, thereby saving time and physical strength.

3. Small and exquisite: with its small size, less power consumption, it works in a more silent way.



The differences bewteen vacuum cleaner and floor sweeping robot are listed above, so you can choose one according to your own needs.




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