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Which is Better: Cordless or Corded Vacuum Cleaners?

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Vacuuming is an important part of cleaning and for many people, an integral part of keeping their house, workplace and car clean. If you are a person who likes everything stays in perfect order and would like to get rid of all the germs and bacteria hidden in the corner and crevices, vacuum cleaner can help. However, now there are many kinds of vacuum cleaners for sale, such as vacuum cleaner for car, vacuum cleaner for house, and vacuum cleaner for warehouse. This is just only a small part. According to different circumstances, it can also be divided into industrial vacuum cleaner and commercial vacuum cleaner. Therefore, choosing the right vacuum cleaner actually becomes more difficult.



An Overview of Corded Vacuum Cleaner and Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to vacuum cleaner, the first that pops into your head is probably corded vacuum cleaners, which is one of the most common vacuum cleaners for sale and have simple operational methods. All you need is to plug then into the socket and adjust the vacuum cleaner, then you can start vacuuming.


Of course, the opposite of a corded vacuum cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaners. The only difference is that it has no cord attached to the machine and uses battery.



household vacuum cleaner

Corded Vacuum Cleaner


Suction power: Corded vacuum cleaners have stronger suction power than cordless vacuum cleaners because they are plugged to the power source and their vacuuming is stronglt supported.


Use so long as needed: The corded vacuum cleaners are plugged to the power source and need no battery, so they can be used at any time.


Greater capacity: Conventionally, corded vacuum cleaners are larger in size and consequently, also has a larger space for storing dust. Therefore, you can use your vacuum cleaner for longer time without having to empty the dust bag or dust box.


Relatively cheap: Usually a corded vacuum cleaner is cheaper than a cordless one, so if you choose a corded vacuum machine, you can save a large sum of money.



Restrictions to movement: Usually, a corded vacuum cleaner can onlyt move around within the length of cord, so if you want to vacuum a larger space, you might need to plug the vacuum cleaner to somewhere else. Bulky: A corded vacuum cleaner is usually larger and equipped with more tools and changeable parts, so it is bulkier.


corded vacuum cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Comparatively less bulky: The cordless vacuum cleaner is smaller in size than the corded one and can be moved around easily because its sphere of activity is not limited by the length of cord.


Greater use: Cordless Vacuum Cleaners can not only be used in rooms but also gardens and depots.


Increased Reach: As the cordless vacuum cleaner is comparatively lightweight you can use one hand to reach places where a corded vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach.


Maneuverability: It can be easily controlled as it has no cord, so you won’t have any trouble in moving the machine.


cordless vacuum cleaner


Limited capacity: Cordless vacuum cleaner is smaller in size, which means it has a relatively small capacity. So you may have to empty the dust bag or dust box regularly.


Expensive: Compared with a corded vacuum cleaner, a cordless vacuum cleaner is relatively more expensive, so a lot of people may not be able to afford it.




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