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Why You Should Vacuum Before Cleaning Carpet

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Why You Should Vacuum Before Carpet Cleaning

Many people often ask: should I vacuum the rug before I clean it with carpet cleaner? Is this step necessary? Can’t I just clean the rug first and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirty water? Isn’t that easier?


Well, my advice is: Always vacuum first! You should vacuum the rug with household vacuum cleaner, both handheld vacuum cleaenr and automatic vacuum cleaner will do. When you vacuum the rug, the vacuum cleaner will remove the dirt and dust as well as gravel and sand you bring home. It will also fluff your carpet and suck out the accumulated dust hidden in the carpet fibers, making your cleaning an easier job.


While vacuuming, you may also find some sharp objects that might cause damage to carpet cleaner. You won’t be able to see that if you didn’t vacuum first. Pick up these accessories during cleaning, or it will block vacuum cleaner hose and even may cause vacuum cleaner motor burnout. If that happens, I am afraid you will have to change a new vacuum cleaner motor. Make sure you get a one of good quality and never ever vacuum hard objects again.


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Things You Should Do Before Vacuuming

Pack the Things In the Room and Prepare for Vacuuming.

Keep all toys, documents or other things in the room in order so that you won’t accidently suck toys or documents into the vacuum cleaner.


Check carefully whether there are small things like coins on the ground, they may damage the vacuum cleaner. Remember to check the dust under the furniture.


First clean the dust on the blinds, furniture, window sills, wallboards, etc., and you can vacuum the falling dust with vacuum cleaner.


Use a Vacuum Cleaner with a Suction Nozzle

Use a vacuum cleaner with a suction nozzle to clean all corners, especially the edge of the carpet and the wallboard. If the furniture is too heavy to move, you can put the nozzle under the sofa and other unreachable corners to suck up the dust.


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Make Sure Every Corner Is Covered

Make sure every corner of the carpet is cleaned. Especially if you have a pet at home, you should clean it more carefully because pet dander and hair will fall and accumulate on the carpet. If the carpet didn’t get cleaned up timely, it might cause some unpleasant smells.


Vacuum Regularly

In general, if you have a pet weighing 9 kilograms at home, you probably need to vacuume once a week and time increases with the weight and number of the pet according to this standard. For example, if a couple has two cats, they have to vacuum three times a week. A person who raises a 27-kilogram dog has to vacuum 4 times a week. The main purpose of vacuuming is to remove dander and hair from the carpet, and larger pets are more likely to lose hair and dander than smaller pets. 




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