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Why You Should Vacuum Your Home Regularly?

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Why You Should Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Our body sheds over 1 million skin cells per hour. Where does the skin cell go? They accumulate in the carpets, rugs and little corners and sometime they even float in the air. Just imagine, you are surrounded by the floating dead skin cells in the air. And these dead skin cells is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms.


For people who suffer from asthma and allergy, vacuuming home regularly is even more imperial. If they are exposed to an environment teeming with mites, fleas and moths, it is easy for them to have difficult breathing.



You might think that it is necessary to vacuum your home as you are not allergic to anything. But you are wrong. It is shown that inhaling dust mites, pollen, and mold pores for a long period of time can trigger indoor allergy. So why take such risks when you can easily solve the problem by vacuuming your home once a week?


If you just bought a soft and nice carpet and believed that you don’t need to clean it since it is new, you are wrong again. The newly bought carpets or rugs often carry hazardous substances with them. So it is advisable that you vacuum the rug or carpet before you put it to use. Besides, you should also clean them on a regular basis, as carpet and rugs are perfect hidding place for bacteria and bugs. If not careful, they may breed in your carpet and rug. You know how fast they can reproduce. So don’t be lazy. Vacuum your house at least once a week.


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Benefits of Vacuuming Your Home Regularly

Physical Benefits

Vacuum home regularly not only can keep your house clean and neat, but also safeguard the health of your families. This is especially true if you have kids or old people at home. Generally speaking, they have lower resistence and is suseptible to viruses and diseases. So keeping your home neat and tidy is extremely important for them. Pet owners should also do vacuuming regularly to keep your home free from all the cat’s and dog’s hair.


Psychological Benefits

Scientific experiments have shown that people get a sense of achievement from cleaning the house, even though that person dislike or even hate cleaning. However, when he or she finishes cleaning, he or she will have a sense of accomplishment. Besides, vacuuming your house can also take your mind off things and make your feel more relaxed. When you are immersed in doing cleaning, you will banish the disturbing thoughts and in the end, you might feel happier when you complete the clean-up.


Financial Benefits

Believe it or not, regular cleaning can also save you a large sum of money. On the one hand, it can slow down the wear and tear of the carpet and rug, which means you don’t have to buy new carpet and rugs. On the other hand, you can save the money you might have spent in the hospital as the health of you or your family have been improved in the clean environment. 




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