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Why You Shouldn’ t Vacuum Decoration Dust With Household Vacuum Cleaner

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Why You Shouldn’ t Vacuum Decoration Dust With Household Vacuum Cleaner

The specification of the vacuum cleaner says that you can not vacuum powder dust like chalk dust, but vacuuming a small amount of construction waste is OK. Just remember to shut down and clean the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner when it is half full or when you find the suction reduces. If yours is a bagless vacuum cleaner, there must be a dust filter in the machine. Clean the dust filter after vacuuming, which can not only guarantee the high suction power but also extend the service life of the machine. However, cleaning the decoration dust is a different thing because the decoration dust is very fine and the lime powder will heat up when entering through the motor of the vacuum cleaner, and it is easy to cause the vacuum cleaner motor burnout



Why Vacuum Wood Chips When Flooring

Flooring is assembled piece by piece, so there will be a certain gap between each floor. Although the gap looks small, if we sweep the wood chips and dust with a broom, it is easy to sweep small substances into the gaps in the floor, and the dust will continue to swim during the daily sweeping process, keeping the home dusty, which will be very harmful to human health, especially the elderly’s lung health. So with a vacuum cleaner, wood chips and dust can be eliminated before they fall into the floor gap.



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Precautions for Using Vacuum Cleaners

1. When using the vacuum cleaner, keep the suction port clear, otherwise it will cause overload or damage of vacuum cleaner motor.


2. When using the vacuum cleaner, install the dust filter well to prevent dust from entering the motor room.


3. Please do not use vacuum cleaner to vacuum fine particles such as cement, gypsum powder, wall powder, etc., otherwise it will cause the block of dust filter bag or filter of the vacuum cleaner and the burnout of vacuum cleaner motor and other failures.

4. Clean the machine with a damp cloth containing water or neutral detergent instead of gasoline, banana water, otherwise the shell of machine will crack or fade.


5. Please do not vacuum things with vacuum cleaner such as detergent, coal, oil, glass, needle, soot, wet dust, sewage, and matches.


6. Keep the vacuum cleaner away from fire or places with high temperature.


7. Do not rinse the vacuum cleaner with water.


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Decoration Dust Prevention and Control

The decoration dust can pollute indoor air and makes it turbid. In order to reduce the impact of dust, we must prevent and control the generation of dust.


In the decoration process, it is impossible to completely avoid the generation of decoration dust. However, we can reduce its generation through process and material selection. For example, do less carpentry on site, choose finished furniture; when cutting plates, choose dust-free cutting machines, etc.




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