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Wired Vacuum Cleaner and Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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Wireless Vacuum Cleaner


Wireless vacuum cleaner can be used everywhere as it is not restricted by wires like wired vacuum cleaner. It was first invented for outdoor using, but now it can be used for car and home use, and is armed with complete nozzle, such as nozzles for vacuuming bed sheets and small flat nozzles for vacuuming sofa. It is very flexible and convenient and can meet the our various needs.


Wireless vacuum cleaner uses a battery to store electricity, so it is smaller and lighter than wired ones, which also makes it look simple and elegant. It also has a one-button dust removal design, which can clean out garbage really quick. Thanks to its small size, finding a place to put the machine is never a big problem.


This type of vacuum cleaner is very suitable for cleaning some small areas, such as corners and crevices that are unreachable with a vacuum cleaner with large suction head.



Cordless vacuum cleaners generally have relatively small suction power as it is supported by battery. Moreover, it is much expensive than corded vacuum cleaner.

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Wired Vacuum Cleaner


With a wired vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry that it might power off all of a sudden as it has endless power supply once it is plugged in. Besides, it has relatively strong power and suction and can achieve a better cleaning effect.



The wired vacuum cleaner has a long cord, which restricts its movement. After finishing cleaning one room, you have to plug and unplug the machine if you want to cleaner another room, whcih is very inconvenient. What’s worse, it is difficult to untangled the vacuum cleaner cord if it gets tangled up.


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Tips for Choosing Wired Vacuum Cleaners

If you are a new hand in buying vacuum cleaners, it is recommended that you should buy one that has a household brand. Relatively speaking, big brands provide more complete services, so when you find the vacuum cleaner is broken are damaged, it is easier for you to get help as they are all professionals.


The higher the vacuum cleaner power is, the larger the suction power. However, the larger power also means higher price and high noise.


If your living room is big, you should probably buy a long cord. Otherwise, the cord may not be long enough to cover the entire living room.


Tips for Choosing Wireless Vacuum Cleaners

When buying wireless vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the accessories that come with the machine. With different nozzles, wireless vacuum cleaner can clean different places such as tables and chairs, sofas, bed cabinets, curtains, ceilings and other corners. Therefore, the more suction heads it has, the more cleaning scenes it can handle.


And you should also look at the battery of the wireless vacuum cleaner.  It is recommended that you choose high-quality lithium batteries, which can be quickly charged and has constant suction power.




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