How to save energy for high efficiency motor?

September 22, 2022

A high-efficiency motor refers to a high-efficiency motor whose efficiency should meet the corresponding energy efficiency requirements. High-efficiency motors integrate new manufacturing processes and new materials perfectly into the core components. The optimized design of the motor coil can effectively reduce the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy, and improve the operation efficiency. The motor generates less heat and has a long service life.

Why can't the motor efficiency reach 100%?

From the figure below, the power transfer of the motor is as follows:

• Input power P1

• Stator iron loss △ PFe1

• Stator copper loss △ PCu1

• Rotor copper loss △ PCu2

• Mechanical loss △ Po

• Output power P2

• Motor efficiency

• Iron loss includes hysteresis loss and eddy current loss

• Copper losses are losses due to the specified, DC resistance of the rotor

Ultra-efficient motors improve at every energy loss:

1. Optimized design to reduce mechanical loss △P o

• High quality ball bearings to reduce friction and vibration

• Locked bearings reduce end play

• Fan and fan guard designed for proper cooling and quieter operation

• Smaller fans produce less losses

• Lower motor operating temperature allows smaller fans to be used

2. Optimized design reduces stator copper loss △P Cu1

• more winding

• Improved slot design

• ISR (Inverter Spike Resistant) magnet wire provides up to 100 times higher voltage spike resistance

• End straps on both ends of the motor stator

• Low temperature rise (< 80°C)

• Class F insulation system

• Double insulation life for every 10°C lower operating temperature at the upper limit of the maximum allowable temperature

3. Optimized design reduces rotor copper loss △P Cu2 and mechanical loss

• Improved rotor insulation

• High pressure die cast aluminium rotor

• Rotor balance

4. Design reduces iron loss △P Fe1

• Thinner silicon steel laminations

• Improved steel properties to achieve lower losses and provide the same performance

• Optimized air gap

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