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Supply Chain System
Shouxin supply chain service refers to effectively organize and supervise the procurement, manufacturing, distribution and other system services in order to minimize the cost of the entire supply chain system under the condition of satisfying the customer's demands as much as possible.
Four links: management establishment plans, finding quality supplier procurement with responsibility, supervising manufacturing, delivery.
Shouxin not only sells the products, but also provides satisfactory services to the customers and consumers which can make them feel happy. Kotler said that "The customers is God. Without them, companies can not survive. All plans must be built around retaining and satisfying customers." Shouxin can win customers in domestic and international markets, which can not achieve without our fast, agile , flexible and collaborative ability of responding to customers needs.
Four links
  • Plan
    This is a strategic part of the supply chain integration service. Shouxin will establish a strategy to manage all resources to meet the customer's demands for products. Which can also let it transfer to the customer efficiently and low cost with the high quailty and value products or services.
  • Purchase
    Shouxin will select the best suppliers that can provide the best goods and services for your products and services according to your needs and quotations. Besides, we can create method to monitor and improve management.
  • Manufacturing
    Arranging the activities required by suppliers to produce, package and prepare for delivery. It has the most monitored parts of the supply chain, which includes supervision of quality levels, product yields and worker productivity.
  • Delivery
    We can delivery by courier, air and sea transportation. Choose the most competitive transportation costs.
  • All plans must be built around retaining and satisfying customers.




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